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We offer a wide range of different types of flooring services including suspended ground floors, first floors and joists, repairs to damaged floor boards. Laminated floors and parquet timber flooring.

Suspended Ground Floors

Many old properties experience the problem of dry rot in timber ground floors, this can be rectified by us using new tanalised flooring and joists including a damp proof membrane fitted underneath the joists to prevent future moisture from damaging the timber.

We use tanalised timber because the preservative used penetrates deep into the wood giving it long lasting protection.

Examples of Suspended Floors

First Floors

We can install first floor joists and floor boards completely for new buildings, we can repair and refit existing joists and damaged floor boards where the floor boards have been taken up for services and not refitted correctly.

Laminated Floors

There are a range of laminated floors supplied and fitted by Bradawl Carpentry. This can include all the accessories such as the underlay, damp proof membrane for concrete floors, door trims, cleaning equipment, beading, skirting and radiator roses.

We offer several ranges of laminate flooring

The basic option provides a high quality cost effective range of laminate flooring with an option of 6 colours.

The highest specification of laminate flooring has a much wider choice of colours and styles and gives perfect joints, the surface and backing are made from high pressure laminate and are bonded to the HDF core to give perfect stability. The quality of the product is shown by it's guarantee of up to 15 years!

The top range of laminated floor have a very realistic appearance and are extremely hard wearing. We have sample folders and brochures for you to see for yourself!

Examples of Laminated Floors

Parquet Timber Flooring

We offer a range of real wood floors, that due to their construction will not warp or twist. A wide ranges of timbers are available (i.e. Oak, Ash, Beech etc).

In terms of quality and appearance parquet flooring is the highest quality range of flooring. Though the top range of laminated flooring is the hardest type of floor there is. Certain timbers are more hard wearing than others, though in most circumstances all species would be suitable in the top range floors due to the hard wearing varnish's or oils used.

Parquet feels warmer than laminated floors as they are real wood & are fitted in the same floating manner as laminate floors, with a slightly thicker underlay, which also helps with sound & thermal insulation. They can also have beading or new skirting around the edges to cover the expansion gaps. If laid over concrete floors a damp proof membrane is also used.

Parquet floors are treated with a clear lacquer or oil to give an even more lasting and durable finish and let the natural grain of the wood shine through.

An added benefit of parquet flooring is that in years to come they can be sanded and re-lacquered giving that "good as new" feel.

Examples of Parquet Floors

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